fata racos PANDEMIC lung EN


Even in these difficult times, we watch over the disadvantaged and stand by them, to offer them support and relief.

Over 500 souls have received support in these difficult times! Disadvantaged people with low incomes, the sick, doctors and hospital staff fighting in the front line, the elderly in nursing homes.

It’s hard for all of us, but we did our best to listen to them, to give them advice, a good word and to extend a helping hand, at the same time respecting the rules of hygiene and disease control both during the condition. urgently but even now, because the burden has not passed and we must get used to both the virus and strict compliance with the rules.

Supporting the basic needs through food and education became the main battle in the pandemic times with Covid19. Every day we are assailed by cries for help from those with limited possibilities and without support. And we try our best to help. To support them materially, humanly and emotionally to make it easier for us to face the challenges we are all challenged to.

We are grateful to those who were with us – sponsors and people with a heart, who extended a helping hand and together we managed to do a lot of GOOD.

Thanks Reinert Martinel!

We took another step with you!

Great things can only be done together!


The Food Bank has joined the support of disadvantaged people by providing the staple food so necessary to survive in these difficult pandemic times.

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!

 Now offer a helping hand to those who have tried hard: with only 25 lei we provide flour, oil, rice, corn, pork converses, chicken liver pate, protective mask and disinfectant!

“Every time we GIVE, we actually TAKE” – how true…

We are deeply grateful to Bombo Calea Confectionery Bucharest and Saray Confectionery for the sweet surprises offered!

Thousands of appreciations from Olympus Romania, a reliable partner for so many years. Thank you Promedivet Sovata

And finally don’t forget: The world is changing by our example, not by our opinion! Get involved as much as you can to manage to overcome this difficult moment, only together can we break through!

Your help matters a lot!

We thank you!!!