The Kamelia Community Center will help people in social educational and medical difficulties who are part of the group of people we help: children and young people on the verge of poverty, with educational problems, people with or without income and disadvantaged, young people without training and places work, marginalized families and those at risk of social exclusion, victims (children and adults) of domestic violence, people with emotional imbalances, parents and adults in difficulty with addictions (alcohol, narcotics, etc.).


We dream of a world where good people, with generous souls, reach out to those who have nothing: resources, education, mentors, a loved one. We dream of a place where the two worlds, that of people in need and those with possibilities, will become one. But dreaming is not enough. You also have to ACT, and for our dream to come true, we need your help!

The Kamelia Community Center will save and reintegrate psycho-socio-educational disadvantaged children, young people and adults and retirees through support and interactive education. The center will be divided into 3 levels: ground floor, 1st floor and 2nd floor and will be open between 9:00 and 18:00 daily Monday-Friday, Saturday between 9:00 and 14:00 and Sunday free. The center is designed as a space where life lessons will be thought, starting from basic education: mental development counseling and workshops, food education workshops, personal hygiene, to financial education workshops¸ language courses and professional qualification courses. The center will be nature friendly and accessible to people with motor and visual disabilities, being provided with special infrastructure for the needs of all beneficiaries.


What people in need will find in the Kamelia Community Center:

– Classrooms and counseling rooms,

– Therapy and psychological counseling room,

– Medical office,

– Workshops and apprenticeships,

– Kitchen, dining room,

– Games room, games and sports,

– Presentation spaces, a café and an administrative area.

The Kamelia Community Center is autonomous and unique, the first of its kind in Romania. The center’s team will mean a team of professionals: psychologists, social workers, doctors and teachers. We will assist a number of 150 people per month, a number that will multiply annually, an effect that will lead to a major change in the community and in the mentality of the people.


The Kamelia Community Center will be a multifunctional complex created to support the education, prevention and reintegration of those in difficulty by:

– Psycho-educational activities and courses for children and young people in risk categories,

– Occupational therapies,

– Psycho-educational programs,

– Counseling and psycho-social development for adults,

– Personal and group counseling,

– Courses for the prevention of alcohol, drugs, tobacco,

– Afterschool program,

– Counseling and psycho-social development,

– Play and socializing for children and the elderly,

– Sport activities,

– Medical, dental and pediatric services,

– Fundraising.


Kamelia Community Center – What are our expectations?

  • Development of learning skills, critical thinking, socialization, communication and cooperation among children.
  • Social and professional success through integration and reintegration.
  • Jobs.
  • Reducing the costs of socially assisted people by preventing unemployment, addictions, medical complications and risk situations.
  • Strengthening family cohesion by strengthening the links between generations.


The Kamelia Community Center will be a place where families are healed and rebuilt, a space for culture, community, socialization and reintegration, a place where people like us, like you, but without possibilities receive free medical help, a European Community Center , autonomous and unique, (we are partners in Erasmus + youth projects), a place where, for the good, volunteers, professionals and specialists who have already changed the lives of hundreds of people for the better.


Let’s not forget that the world is changing by our example, not by our opinion!