A company is more credible and has a better image when it is socially responsible. Specifically, when he offers something to the community he belongs to.

However, a social responsibility campaign requires considerable effort and requires dedicated people to plan and coordinate it,

Therefore, if you want to lead a socially active organization, become our partner! Choose to get involved in one of our campaigns and we will take care of all the details so that it runs smoothly, while your company will not be distracted from its initial mission.

For a more beautiful Romania, for more good deeds

You don’t need to have great company. With few resources, we can make huge changes together!

You just have to want to get involved, we will come up with the idea of the campaign, we will organize everything, we will promote the actions in the media and through other communication channels.

How can you help us


You can help us with direct donations or by redirecting 20% of the annual profit tax



We have countless projects in which you can involve, but we also can start new projects together, for your company only


You can involve your employers in our social projects, to help them develop on a personal plan

Diesel cards

Monthly we need 1500 RON, to travel to the needy. Can you help us?

How can we help you


Employee activation

By getting involved in actions that benefit the community, employees become more responsible and efficient


Empathy development

Working together on social projects, making contact with people in distress, employees develop their team spirit


A good image

A social responsible company has a good image, both internally and externally


Promoting an image of a socially responsible company plays an increasingly important role in the market, regardless of the specifics of the activity