We want you to know that during this period, marked by the spreads of the Corona virus, COVID-19 that affects us all, we remain Aici pentru Tine. Now is the time to be with people who need support and relief as much as possible.

Although we had a period when we moved our offices home, now we are back. Even if we are going through a difficult period, we do our best to listen to your offers, to offer you advice, a good word and to lend you a helping hand, at the same time respecting the rules for fighting the disease and guiding you. you only go out when it is really needed. So, whenever you feel the need to be heard, contact us and we will listen to you.


We started June with a pleasant surprise for the children from the villages around Brașov.

They received from our sponsor, DO Security, laptops with which to open their horizons and benefit from the online school. The children were very happy and eager to discover them. We hope they find it useful.


It is important that all children have equal opportunities. We at Aici pentru Tine support vulnerable communities and promote inclusive education. DO Security is a reliable partner, made up of people with big souls, fully involved during the last 5 years in our self-help campaigns. In addition to their material support, they showed solidarity, going to the children’s homes and personally offering the children’s gifts.

Any help counts, changing for the better the life stories of needy people and starting the chain of good deeds through the power of example.


It is said that good people always meet. This year, during the holy Easter holidays, they were needed more than ever and the number of good deeds was commensurate.

With the help of our reliable partners, to whom we are very grateful, Chemark Rom, main sponsor, Olympus Foods Romania, Reinert Martinel, Promedivet Sovata, Saray and Bombo Confectioneries, Lactate Brădet, Perutnina Romania, Two Hands Bakery and our volunteers, we managed to we donate packages of basic food and disinfectants to more than 300 disadvantaged families in Brașov and the surrounding area that lit up their holidays and helped them protect themselves against the Covid-19 virus.

Once again we have realized that a good deed makes a thousand words for people in need and we continue to be with them.


In the fight with COVID-19, through a smile and a healthy snack, I felt that I had brought a ray of light to the thousands of people who need it most.

Disadvantaged people with low incomes, the sick, doctors and staff from hospitals that fight in the front line, the elderly from nursing homes. During this period, together with our partner, Olympus – the largest milk processor in Romania, we provided the largest transport of dairy products so far, namely 300,000 natural yogurts. The campaign was carried out in partnership with Andreea Marin’s foundation, Appreciate life. In this way we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their constant social involvement and for always being with us, building and building the good together.

An example and a model to follow!