Young people from disadvantaged families

Our goal is for every young person who turns 18 to have had the necessary developmental experiences until then to be able to be independent. We offer the opportunity to learn and develop their body, mind and soul through non-formal education for life within our psychological education program. So far, we have involved over 600 children in educational and recreational activities such as trips, financial education, foreign language courses, chess, swimming and others.

Elders without support

We, at “Aici pentru Tine” care for the elderly, the people who have given us the privilege of being here now to create the future. So far, we have collaborated with several care centers for elderly people, such as the Bluemenau Retirement Home in Brașov, the Christiana / Teofil Mija Home in Săcele, the Papisante Retirement Home in Tărlungeni or the Zenobia Retirement Home in Târgu Secuiesc.

To include the elderly in our lives, we launched the “Lending a Grandparent” campaign, in which people in nursing homes met with children in foster care, spent time together and exchanged thoughts, felt mutual care and had memorable moments together in a family atmosphere.

DISADVANTAGED People with or without income

Many of the people we help face material shortages that make their daily lives difficult and uncertain. We, at “Aici pentru Tine” offer them not only material but also emotional support through mentoring, counseling and recreational-educational activities in order to prevent and improve poverty and undesirable behaviors. By training these people both vocationally and emotionally, we help them build self-confidence, realize that they are unique, that they have values they didn’t know about before, and that they can overcome their condition as a whole.

People without shelter

As any other cities, Brasov is home to a vulnerable group of homeless people, people we always see on the streets, whom we want to help and do not always know how. We support them. We met them, arranged meetings with them, providing them with food, clothing and other necessary things. We also offer them advice and direct them to services that address them and that can support them.

Marginalized families and at risk of social exclusion

We treat each person with great care, warmth and try to guide them on a good path, to open their horizons, to help them look forward to the future with optimism through a holistic education, forming man’s body, mind and spirit. Many of the marginalized families we help have found their inner balance and benefited from a social reintegration, seeing their children grow up beautifully within our association and becoming part of the “Aici pentru Tine” family.

Victims (children and adults) of domestic violence

People who suffer from domestic violence are numerous and often go unnoticed. Negative emotions caused by this problem, such as fear and helplessness, end up as traumas that prevent the development of  the victims. Sometimes it happens that “aggression gives birth to aggression.” These people develop undesirable behaviors as a result of their traumas (despair, isolation or violence), and we try to help them by providing them with care, a sense of protection and emotional support. So far, we had excellent results in integrating these people into society and restoring their self-confidence. We received them in our family, we offered  jobs to some of them and material aid, thus changing their lives.

parents and adults with addictions (alcohol, drugs etc.)

Often times financial problems and social exclusion give rise to addictions that severely affect the family life of vulnerable groups. We support them to overcome their vices, we offer their children a family environment and educational-recreational experiences that will help them overcome the difficulties at home and become responsible adults.

Young people without training and jobs

We believe that the well-being of all of us lies in the well-being of young people. They are going to shape the society in which we live and, for this, they need examples worthy of following and an education that will prepare them for life, both professionally and personally. We offer these young people non-formal educational services that help develop their skills, psychological and vocational counseling.

People with emotional imbalances

The ability to develop, to overcome our condition and the possibility to have a fulfilled life consists in finding our inner balance. Many people from both poor and wealthy backgrounds face depression and despair. At the center we want to unite the two worlds, we make the world around us aware that we are all human. We all have feelings, needs and aspirations and we all rejoice when we receive help and affection. We offer emotional counseling to people who are about to fall into despair and involve them in our training activities that will restore their self-confidence and optimism.

Children from placement shelters/centers

The first two years of our activity were focused on supporting children in foster care such as the Măgura Placement Center in Codlea, the Abandoned Children’s Center “Casa Ioana” in Rupea, the Abandoned Children’s Center in Tărlungeni in collaboration with the Brașov Child Protection Directorate. So far, we have provided memorable non-formal educational experiences for over 150 children deprived of a family to provide them with the affection that every child enjoys, parental advice or with serious basic material needs




To find out more about the people helped by the association, go to the Campaigns and Blog sections to get to know them and to realize how much they need our help.