We are “Here for You” since 2015 and since then, we support people with impressive life stories, including children, adults and elderly people, who we help develop in a harmonious way, reach their full potential and to whom we want to offer the chance for a better life. We are one of the few NGOs in Romania that offer licensed social services in the community for adults at risk of social exclusion, but we also support different marginalized groups such as abused mothers, abandoned children, youngsters from poor families, with good learning outcomes, but also children and adults with severe medical problems.

The “Aici pentru Tine” Association (“Here for You” NGO) is authorized by the Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Protection and Elderly, according to the provisions of the law 172/2012, and owns a cooperation protocol with the Brașov Social Services. Our mission is the initiation, expansion and improvement of social services for a better integration in society of marginalized people and groups, through instructive-educational-cultural activities, psychological and professional counseling.

“We take them out of anonymity, and YOU make a difference by changing their life story.”