Do you want to make a change in your life?

Do you want to make a difference?

Do you want to give a moment of your free time to the unhappy?


If your answer is YES, then you have a chance to get involved!

You can help a child or an elderly person to smile again, to give hope to a child on the “threshold” of poverty, to help a disadvantaged family to know normalcy or to help a sick person to regain his health.


All people over 15 years of age, with any level of education and professional experience are welcome. Our volunteers come from different backgrounds, they are pupils, students, adults who have jobs and families, with various interests.


We need people who are involved, responsible and happy. We seek to turn “Aici pentru Tine” volunteers into positive role models for the community. It is important to feel that we define our values: courage, integrity, professionalism, efficiency, proactive involvement and responsibility to people. They guide us, as an organization, as a team, as people!


A flexible schedule is needed to allow for the allocation of several hours per week. Activities are carried out during the week (morning and afternoon), but also on weekends.


We carry out both office and field activities (in disadvantaged areas of urban and rural areas). The level of effort is moderate.


Volunteering is defined as the activity of public interest carried out on its own initiative by any natural person, for the benefit of others, without receiving a material consideration. We recommend consulting Law 195/2001, which regulates volunteer activity.